Pan Card


Steps for applying for PAN Card (New/ Change/ Correction) using online Form 49A and CSF

1) Fill up PAN Application Form Online.
2) Upload the scanned copies of filled-in signed PAN Form, Photo, Signature and the supporting documents (POI, POA and PODOB) as per Scanning Specifications.
3) Make Payment through '
Net Banking / IMPS / Bank Deposite'Bank Details
4) Received Acknowledgement Receipt through E-mail or Whatsapp.
5) Send by post/courier between 15 Days, the original physical copies of filled-in signed PAN Form and the supporting documents (POI, POA and PODOB) for the submitted PAN applications to the address provided under the 'Contact Office' .
6) Leave the fields blank if there is no information provided by the applicant. Do not fill up any field with 'N/A' or 'NA' or 'Not Applicable'.

Scanning Specifications for Documents, Photo and Signature
1. Documents

a) PAN Application form (Front & Back side) to be scanned in 200 dpi color - PDFA format.
b) Supporting Document (POI, POA
 and PODOB as provided by applicant) to be scanned in 200dpi color - PDFA format.
c) Based on the above points a and b the PAN Application and Supporting Documents need to be clubbed into a single file and uploaded to the server . The size of complete scanned file can be Maximum upto 2 MB.

2. Photo
a) Photo Scanning 300 dpi colour, 213 X 213 px (Size less than 30 kb) in JPEG format.

3. Signature
a) Signature scanning 600 dpi, black and white (Size less than 60 kb) in JPEG format.

Be ensure that the scanning of applications are as per the above specification and clubbed into a single file and uploaded on server with Photo,Signature files. During verification of applications by UTIITSL if any of the documents are not found or are not in desired format the applications may under go rejection.